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    2018 CSTT No-Dig Winners (NEW)
    Sun Yueping Person of the Year Person of the Year
    Central South University Technology of the Year Drag reduction technology for long-distance large-diameter pipe jacking in complex formation
    Beijing Beiran Enterprises Group Co., Ltd. Technology of the Year SaniTube ? Hose lining repair technology
    Anhui Tangxing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Product of the Year HRC1350 Ring gear rock pipe jacking machine
    King-drilling Science techniques Hdd Tools Limited Company Product of the Year Multi-series rock reamer
    Huangshi Jingwu Pipejacking Engineering Co., Ltd. Project of the Year Rectangular Pipe Jacking Project of Xinhua Road Station of Wuhan Rail Transit Line 7
    Beijing Huanfa Pipeline Repair Co., Ltd. Project of the Year Reinforcement project in Niulan Mountain Rubber dam, Shunyi District
    Shenzhen Vicquick Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Project of the Year Shenzhen Futian Landfill Collapse and Renovation Project
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